Peace & Quiet…
Northwoods Country Home For Sale

$224,900       MLS 14-440

Puposky, Minnesota
370′ Waterfront
9+ Acres Woods, Field, Wetland
—-Additional Acreage Available
3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
15 Minutes North of Bemidji


To schedule a private showing, please contact a realtor!       MLS 14-440

CLOSE TO NATURE—Welcoming custom home with open, flowing, one-level design flooded with natural light. Ideal bird watching from windows–65+ species, much wildlife. Private, quiet, hillside vista of bay and bog.

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21963-acreage Description and Survey Map

ACCESSIBLE—One-level, no stairs, no steps, including garage access. Wide hallways, French-doors, easy passage to all rooms. Accessible powder room in master suite. Large whirlpool tub.

HOBBY FARM—Approximately 1-2 acres tillable, organic land; fenced, irrigated organic raised bed garden; maple sugaring; outbuilding ready for remodeling as studio, workshop, guest quarters; storage-ready. On Lake Puposky bay for fishing, wild ricing. Additional land available to lease.

SPORTSMAN CAMP OR HOME—Waterfowl hunting and fishing on Lake Puposky. Three miles from Buena Vista State Forest–many hunter-walking trails. Additional acreage available for deer hunting.

NEARBY FISHING LAKES: Lake Puposky is a good fishing lake with access from the property’s shoreline and from a public access. There are dozens of nearby lakes that are also good for fishing, including Lake Julia, one-half mile; Turtle Lake, one mile; Movil Lake, two miles.

OVERALL, quiet, peaceful all-year living or retreat. 9+ acres, 370’+ waterfront, woods, wetlands. Custom house, one-level, open-concept layout, 3 bedrooms, 2+ baths, large kitchen, 4-season sunroom, no stairs, no steps, wide doors and hallways, accessible half-bath, radiant floor heat, whole-house air exchange, approximately 2,000 square feet. Heated, attached, double+ garage. The house takes care of itself when not in use.

Panoramic view of Lake Puposky and wetlands. Organic garden, well-fenced, raised-beds, irrigation system; additional garden acreage. Large open yard + large fenced yard. Outbuildings for storage. Maple grove for sugaring. Much wildlife to observe (65+ bird species, migratory flyway, otters, more). One-mile off County 15/Irvine Avenue on paved roads, 15 miles north of Bemidji (university town, medical center), three miles north of Buena Vista Ski Hill and Buena Vista State Forest.

THE ACREAGE: Scroll to the end of the document to see description and photos of optional additional acreage.

The Bay

The bay is two- to four-feet deep, perfect for canoeing, kayaking and fishing boats. Utterly quiet because it is too shallow for water skiing or jet skis. The DNR says a dock can be constructed on the bog and into the bay.

Related Blog: Peeping the Land–A Survey

A pictorial survey of the 9+ acres, with contemplative descriptions.

NEW PHOTOS, JUNE 2014, taken from outside living room window.
Nesting loon, great blue heron and trees reflected on still water.


Great blue heron

More photos followed by house details

For videos, visit, MLS 14-440.

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House Details

Throughout the House

  • Energy windows (argon gas between panes, coated glass that lets the sun’s warmth in during the winter and deflects it in the summer)
  • New roof, 2014
  • Panelized frame construction
  • Radiant floor heat, electric with propane backup
  • Floors: All are Metroflor They are affixed directly to the concrete slab to promote heat transfer into the rooms Easy care, no wax, durable
  • Floodlights on all outside doors with multiple inside switches
  • Security system


  • Four-season: radiant heat floor with its own thermostat
  • Six large windows with storms
  • New front door with internal blinds
  • New storm door with self-storing screen

Entryway & Nook

  • Open alcove with hooks, ample room for coats and boots
  • Small closet alcove
  • Woodstove chimney fitting


  • Generous counter space, cupboards, drawers
  • Built-in breakfast table
  • Open to dining and living room area
  • Walk-in pantry
  • Softened and unsoftened water taps
  • Steam tap
  • Ceiling fan with light
  • Windows above counter with southern exposure and view
  • Range, refrigerator, dishwasher

Living Room/Dining Room

  • Hilltop panoramic view of wetlands and lake
  • Ample space for large dining table
  • Opens onto kitchen
  • Up-down insulating honeycomb shades
  • Additional sun shades (tinted)
  • Conversation/media area
  • Jotul woodstove

Master Bedroom Suite

  • Bedroom (king bed)
  • Walk-in closet
  • Whirlpool
  • French doors
  • ¾ bathroom
  • Powder room
  • Passageway to east bedroom through linen closet
  • Door into laundry room
  • Cable outlet
  • Switch to outdoor yard light
  • New (2013) up-down cordless window blinds
  • Egress and picture windows facing north

Whirlpool Room (2011), Master Suite

  • Triangular whirlpool tub with built-in heater, jets, Roman faucet, sprayer
  • Framed in ceramic tile
  • Raised platform with step
  • Floor drain
  • Outside door, new with built-in blinds and self-storing storm door screen
  • Part of master suite

Office/Bedroom, Master Suite

  • French door access to patio and large fenced yard (30’ X 30’)
  • Double casement windows with lake view
  • Fixed-frame window facing north
  • Closet
  • New (2013) up-down cordless window blinds
  • Whirlpool/tub and ¾ bathroom shared with master bedroom

East Bedroom

  • King bed
  • Next to its own ¾ bathroom
  • Switch to outdoor yard light
  • New up-down cordless window blinds (2013)
  • Closet
  • French doors
  • Egress and picture windows facing north
  • Passageway to master bedroom through linen closet
  • Cable outlet

Laundry Room

  • Two doors, access to master bedroom suite and to kitchen
  • Washer, dryer, large utility tub
  • Water softener and heater
  • Whole-house water filter
  • Whole-house air exchange
  • Floor drain


  • Two car plus, for workbench, storage
  • Large utility sink
  • Access door to north/fenced yard
  • Radiant heat floor on its own thermostat
  • Radiant heat electric boiler and propane boiler
  • Dog doors into house and into fence yard
  • Floor drain

Organic, Raised-bed, Fenced Garden (2012) See below for additional garden options.

  • 20’ X 20”
  • Wood-framed beds with landscape fabric lining to keep moisture in; hardware cloth bottom to keep pocket gophers out
  • 7’ high fence that keeps out deer, rabbits and groundhogs
  • North Dakota pasture soil in beds
  • Irrigation system adjustable for each bed
  • Hoops for plastic covering to protect from spring and fall frost
  • One bed of strawberries, one of blueberries, with hoops and netting to protect from birds

Rubbermaid Shed (2012)

  • 6’ X 6’
  • Rubbermaid floor on sand and beam foundation
  • Gravel ramp for easy in and out

As-Is Outbuilding (1982)

  • Two-story, 20’ X 22’
  • 12’ X 20’ garage with cement pad
  • One-room upstairs, two closets
  • Small room downstairs
  • Electric baseboard heat
  • Building is structurally sound with potential as workshop, studio, guest house or storage.

House & Land

The current owner purchased the land in 1982. It included a 1918 pioneer log cabin that served as the living room in the middle of a small house. In 2000, the new house was built and the old house was taken down, except for the two-story structure added to the old house in 1982.

North Line Fence

  • Bamboo, constructed 2011, close to north property line.

Approximately 1-2 acres ready for development as gardens, organic if desired (no fertilizers or pesticides used for at least 40 years). Additional land is available to lease.

Fruit Vines and Trees

  • Wild grapes (old house yard)
  • Crab apples (along driveway)
  • Occasional plums

Maple Sugar Grove (Sugar Bush)

  • The current owner sugared for many years. There are about 15 viable trees in the maple grove south of the driveway and many more available nearby.

Lake Puposky

  • The property includes about 300’ on the southeast bay of the lake.
  • Lake Area (acres): 2,142.00 (DNR)
  • Maximum Depth (ft): 20.00 (DNR)
  • The bay is usually about two- to four-feet deep and has a marl bottom (is more liquid than solid).
  • Wild rice grows in the bay.
  • The wetland is mostly floating bog.
  • The property is north of a continental divide and the water from Lake Puposky flows north to Red Lake.
  • Mud Creek in the middle of the bog is north-flowing and comes from Lake Julia which is also north of the divide.
  • Lake Puposky supports blue gill, northern pike, perch.
  • The lake’s public access is at the northwest corner of the lake. It has a cement access ramp and parking.

The Town of Puposky and Durand Township

  • Puposky is an old logging town that once had hotels, stores, a railroad station and a school. It now has a post office (that serves a fairly large territory), the Durand Township Hall and a church. Remnants of the old railroad bed can be seen in the woods and at the creek where it crossed. There is an old cemetery north of the old railroad bed and west of the creek. It is accessed from County 26 by a marginally maintained road that was once part of an Indian and pioneer “tote road.” The tote road crossed approximately at the juncture of the 21963 and 21803 Erica Lane driveways.

Buena Vista State Forest

  • Two + miles away: 122,333 acres; 20 miles cross-country ski trails; 21 miles snowmobile trails; dispersed camping; hunting.


  • Sanford Medical, Bemidji, 14 miles
  • Bemidji State University, 15 miles
  • Target, Bemidji, 15 miles
  • Downtown Bemidji, Third Street and Bemidji Avenue, 16 miles
  • Buena Vista Ski Hill, 2 miles

Governmental/Legislative/School District Units

  • Beltrami County
  • Durand Township
  • Bemidji Public School District
  • Minnesota Legislative District: 02A
  • Minnesota Senate District: 02
  • Federal Legislative District: 8


Daily visitors, mornings and afternoons
Pileated Woodpecker & Black-capped Chickadee



Cape May Warbler

A frequent feeder at 21963 Erica Lane NW

A frequent feeder at 21963 Erica Lane NW

Not a good photo but a great experience-this Sawhet Owl was at the feeder for four hours!

Not a good photo but a great experience-this Sawhet Owl was at the feeder for four hours!

  1. American Kestrel
  2. American Woodcock
  3. Barred Owl
  4. Blackbirds
  5. Blackburnian warbler
  6. Blue Jay
  7. Bluebird
  8. Canada Jay
  9. Cape May warbler
  10. Cardinal
  11. Catbird
  12. Chickadee
  13. Cowbird
  14. Crow
  15. Downy Woodpecker
  16. Bald Eagle
  17. Evening Grosbeak
  18. Golden-winged Warbler
  19. Goldfinch
  20. Grackle
  21. Great Blue Heron
  22. Great Horned owl
  23. Gull
  24. Hairy Woodpecker
  25. Hummingbirds
  26. Ibis
  27. Indigo Bunting
  28. Junco
  29. Killdeer
  30. Loon
  31. Mallard
  32. Merganser
  33. Myrtle (Yellow) Warbler
  34. Northern Shrike
  35. Oriole
  36. Osprey
  37. Painted Bunting
  38. Pelicans
  39. Peregrine Falcon
  40. Pheasant
  41. Pileated Woodpecker
  42. Pine Grosbeak
  43. Pine Siskin
  44. Purple Finch
  45. Purple Grosbeak
  46. Raven
  47. Red-Bellied Woodpecker
  48. Red-Breasted Nuthatch
  49. Red-Tailed Hawk
  50. Robin
  51. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
  52. Roughed Grouse
  53. Rough-Legged Hawk
  54. Ruby-crowned kinglet
  55. Sandhill Crane
  56. Sapsuckers
  57. Sawhet Owl
  58. Snow Goose
  59. Sparrow
  60. Sparrow Hawk
  61. Swallows
  62. Tern
  63. Tundra Swan
  64. Turkey Vulture
  65. White-Breasted Nuthatch
  66. White-Throated Sparrow
  67. Wren


  1. Otter
  2. Beaver
  3. Muskrat
  4. Bob Cat
  5. Fisher
  6. Coyote
  7. Red Fox
  8. Woodchuck
  9. Raccoon
  10. Gray Squirrel
  11. Ground Squirrel
  12. Skunk
  13. Pocket Gopher
  14. Deer
  15. Chipmunk


  1. Perfoliate Bellwort
  2. Jack-in-the-Pulpit
  3. Wild Ginger
  4. Yellow Lady Slipper
  5. Indian Paint Brush
  6. Early Meadow Rue
  7. Bloodroot/Mayflower
  8. Dogtooth Violet
  9. Common Violet
  10. Honeysuckle
  11. Mullein
  12. Yarrow
  13. Daisy
  14. Black-eyed Susan
  15. Goat’s Beard
  16. Oxalis
  17. Plantain
  18. Creeping Charlie

To schedule a showing, please contact a realtor.

MLS 14-440

PEACE AND QUIET—Visitors to 21963 often comment on how quiet and serene it is. The calls and songs of birds and frogs and crickets enhance the lovely solitude. The seasons play out just a few feet from the windows and can be enjoyed inside or out.

Your first drive to 21963 from Bemidji might feel like a long distance, but if you time it you will find it only took 15-20 minutes, about the same time it takes to get to downtown Bemidji from a river home on Power Dam Road. The three roads to Puposky, numbers 15, 26 and 13, are paved and well-maintained. As you become familiar with them, it will quickly feel like it takes no time at all to get home. You’ll enjoy passing by the lakes, and will sense the gradual increase in trees and woods. As you approach Buena Vista Ski Hill, just a few minutes from home, you might feel like the day has slowed down and so have you. But the real ease comes when you turn into the driveway at Erica Lane. The woods here are gentle and welcoming. As you enter the circle in the driveway, you can glimpse the bog and bay down the hill. As you enter the house, you look straight through to the window seat on the west wall and part of your coming-home ritual might include going over to the window to check out both bay and bog. In spring and fall you might see otters on the ice. In summer you will see pelicans and swans on the water. In winter you might see a fox meandering along the margin of the creek that bisects the bog. If you have bird feeders you will always see chickadees as well as other year-round avian residents, spring and fall migrators, and summer residents. If you want the peace and quiet and privacy and solitude of woods and water and also want to be able to get to town easily, you should take a look at 21963 Erica Lane Northwest.

Peeping the Land: A Survey

THE ACREAGE–Scroll to end to see survey map.

An additional ten to thirty acres is available for sale. The following photographs are of the ten acres just south of the main property.

01 Road hds south

The north nine-plus acres of the parcel holds the house, sugar bush, gardens, hillside, runs out to the middle of the bog and includes 370-feet of shoreline. The south ten acres is roughly one-half field, one-fourth wooded hillside and one-fourth bog. From the main drive, a dirt road meanders past the sugar bush toward the field.


02 basswood mrkr

The road emerges into the field. The large basswood to right of center marks the east and south boundary lines of the parcel.

03 west ridge

From the same spot but looking west, a line of old-growth maples and oaks command the ridge line of the hill that leads down to the bog. The hill is heavily wooded and has a plateau about halfway down.

03a hillside

The wooded hillside, taken from the bog, Lake Puposky in background.

03b island

The pressure ridge”island” in the middle of the bog.

03c oak on hill An old-growth oak on the heavily wooded hillside west of the field.


04 path north up to house

Turning back to the north, a mowed path leads from the field past the plum grove and up to the house.


05 shelter belt

From the field looking north, the plum and crab apple trees in an old “shelter belt” are red with fruit. The sugar bush is just beyond the shelter belt.

06 pines at junction

Old, tall balsam pines mark the junction of the south road and the main driveway.

FOR VIDEOS of the house, 9+ acres and additional acreage, search for “Minnesota MLS 14-440″ or visit <; or any realty site and key in MLS 14-440.

21963-acreage Description and Survey Map



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